Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chattanooga, Tennessee: 12-20-2008

Wandering around town

A bridge in Chattanooga

This is what you could get at the gift shop

A Registed Natural Landmark

Entrance to the Lost Sea (pics by Chris)

uh oh, what am I getting myself into? hehe

Yay, it's a cave

Look in this hole and you'll see the devil

if you're bad, you will see the devil in this hole

it's only spooky looking because of the lighting, those sneaky lost sea staff

Ben Sands' tunnel

entrance to the tunnel dedicated to the kid (Ben Sands) who discovered the underground lake

The Lost Sea

the world's largest underground lake and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records
(the lake is there I promise, see the glow)

our rides

far away from the dock in the lost sea

would you believe it, they have rainbow trout?
it was part of an experiment our tour guide said

Leaving the lake

What you may find in this cave

anthodites aka "cave flowers"
the purple luminescence came from the tour guide's flash light, just if you were wondering

largest and prettiest formation that is found in the cave

some old graffiti

they say the oldest graffiti in the cave dates back to 1863

Hugging the bear paw apparently brings luck for 3 weeks, give or take

Talking to my imaginary friend

caves can make you crazy

First time in a cave so I was pretty amazed

Getting the *meep* out

cave started to collapse


I-75 South

air guitar

the view from the back of Chris's car

nice sunset

then we popped into hyperspace, back to Atlanta